When Words Can’t Be Weighed


The January issue of Ghost Parachute includes my flash fiction story “Equivocal Possibilities”—a brief look at life after the sabotaging of a scale used to weigh words. If that sounds interesting, please check it out! While you’re there, give the rest of this month’s online issue a whirl; it gathers together fantastical flash fiction about Wonder Woman, a frog prince, unaffordable galaxies and more.

Questions for Avant-Garde Intellectuals

  • What characteristics must isomorphic, diurnal dreams have?
  • With what frequency and emotional density do cogitations of polychromatic topology arise in multinormative, noneuphoriated, recombinantly configurational spaces?
  • When minimally inaccurate information with critically high sensitivity coefficient is phase-transitioning from maximally compressed to rarified gamma-lattice, what metastable conformations Continue reading