Defense Mechanism Engineering

We sometimes suspend judgment and disbelief, but when jealousy and ambition are suspended from the ceiling, what’s going on there?

My story “Overhead” is in the latest issue of Panoply.


When Words Can’t Be Weighed


The January issue of Ghost Parachute includes my flash fiction story “Equivocal Possibilities”—a brief look at life after the sabotaging of a scale used to weigh words. If that sounds interesting, please check it out! While you’re there, give the rest of this month’s online issue a whirl; it gathers together fantastical flash fiction about Wonder Woman, a frog prince, unaffordable galaxies and more.

Questions for Avant-Garde Intellectuals

  • What characteristics must isomorphic, diurnal dreams have?
  • With what frequency and emotional density do cogitations of polychromatic topology arise in multinormative, noneuphoriated, recombinantly configurational spaces?
  • When minimally inaccurate information with critically high sensitivity coefficient is phase-transitioning from maximally compressed to rarified gamma-lattice, what metastable conformations Continue reading