Early Adopter Chronicles: the Apple Watch

I got it for focus, not fecundity of features.

All I do with it is check the time, weather, my physical (in)activity, reminders (with Clear or Fantastical; there’s no Apple reminders app—yet?). Occasionally it’ll alert me when VIP emails or messages have come in. Even more occasionally, I’ll Apple Pay for juice at Whole Foods. When I’d like some musical accompaniment for my jogs, I’ll play music from the watch through bluetooth headphones. That’s it.
Apple Watch, hot or not?
And that’s great. It has really cut down my screen time, reducing it from an average of an hour a day to just over 20 minutes per day (as measured by Moment), allowing me to dedicate more focus to tasks at hand. Were I to use my iPhone for the tasks above, all too soon, I’d be lost in the wealth of apps and possibilities that just unlocking my iPhone and launching one app exposes me to. If one of the main goals of the Apple Watch is to limit distraction, it’s working. Sure, it’s tech to deal with tech, but I love it. I’m curious to see if it continues to keep me simultaneously connected and focused with watchOS 2.

I already feel weird not wearing this thing.