Unboxing: Maker Edition Confidant Notebook by Baron Fig

IMG_5407I received my order of Baron Fig’s latest limited edition notebook this week, and this has got to be the only notebook I’ve ever unboxed; that derives from the perhaps curious fact that Baron Fig’s Confidant notebooks are the only notebooks I’ve ever purchased that come in a box. The closest thing to this experience of opening the Confidant’s packaging is tearing the shrink wrap off a newly bought Moleskine.

And just as my initial handling of a newly bought Confidant is unparalleled by first experiences with other notebooks, using the Confidant is so far unparalleled as well. I’ve been working with Baron Fig’s Three-Legged Juggler limited-edition Confidant for about a month now, and it has made for fantastic episodes of notebook writing. Baron Fig has deftly done away with the annoyances I’ve faced with other notebooks. I’ve been delighted by the way the Confidant stays open in a more or less flat manner, then delighted by the feel of my Lamy fountain pen on the substantial (but not overly thick) pages, never worrying about significant bleed-through as I write. I’ve been so delighted that I had no reservations about getting Baron Fig’s latest version of the Confidant, the Maker, as my next notebook.

While opening it, I became very certain that more delight awaits…

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