Early Adopter Chronicles: Blue Hill Farm Yogurt

IMG_5525 This foray into “savory” yogurt is not what I expected. Thinking that the flavor of butternut squash would be more prominent, I was surprised to find that this offering from Blue Hill Farm was more like plain yogurt, tart with a hint of butternut squash. It’s not as sour as I find skyr tends to be and has a smooth, flowy creaminess to it. The sweet potato version was similar, mostly tasting of plain yogurt with hints of sweet potato. I’m curious if the carrot and beet versions taste any sweeter, but given the two I’ve tried, I’m expecting the carrot and beet flavors to be anywhere from subtle to nuanced as plain yogurt flavors are predominant on my palate.

And that works for me, because these yogurts go well with berries because of their overwhelming similarity to plain yogurt; you don’t have to worry about whether blueberries will pair well with butternut squash to enjoy this yogurt, if you like yogurt that’s more toward the plain & tart end of the spectrum.