Administering the Remedy

This morning, before classes begins, Jozine perpetrates a prank which she thinks is harmless but ends up hurting Tuoz’s feelings, quite deeply.

By homeroom, our teacher Mr. Noziq has learned of this.

“Jozine,” he says sternly once we have all gathered in the classroom.

“Yes, Mr. Noziq,” she answers, rising from her seat.

“Is it true that you emotionally injured Tuoz?” our teacher asks.

“Yes, but–”

Mr. Noziq holds up his hand, and Jozine becomes silent.

“Jozine, I don’t think I am the one who needs to consider your ex- planation of this matter. I think you do. And to help you do that, I’m sending you to get a dose of empathy.”

“Yes, Mr. Noziq.”

“Please do that now. I will tell the teacher of your next class that you will be late.”

And that’s my cue to go with her to the school clinic. It’s my responsibility to take classmates to the clinic and tend to their needs. I get up from my seat and walk towards the classroom door. Continue reading