Sumo Orange = Tangerine + Navel Orange, 30 years in the making

When these oranges showed up at Whole Foods, they looked so interesting that I had to give them a shot, and wow, you can really experience the tangerine and navel orange pedigree when you eat them. The segments are large, juicy and tasty. Nice. The texture of the peel may look weird, but the bumpy feel works for me.

Finding out and trying out this new citrus fruit reminded me of the Fresh Air discussion of fruit breeding with Russ Parsons, but in the case of the Sumo, I really can’t tell what compromises have been made, if any.

Brené Brown, Karen Russell, David Linden: best podcasts episodes of my weekend

If you like an informative, insightful podcast episode every now and then, try the three below; they each enthralled me this snowy weekend. (In case you’re wondering why Invisibilia isn’t mentioned, I’m saving the latest episode for an evening of sheer exhaustion.)

Fingertips To Hair Follicles: Why ‘Touch’ Triggers Pleasure And PainFresh Air discusses various facets of the sense of touch with neuroscience researcher David Linden.

The Courage to Be Vulnerable—shame & vulnerability researcher expert guru Brené Brown converses thought-provokingly with On Being‘s Krista Tippet.  

Karen Russell On Balancing Writing, Technology, and Boredom—host of his eponymous show Leonard Lopate and author Karen Russell talk about technology, writing and boredom.

Gravity is as good as (or better than) they say it is

In his Fresh Air film review, David Edelstein is right on about Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity. As is The Verge in theirs. There’s been so much good press and word of mouth about this film, I couldn’t help but enter the movie theater with high expectations. But Gravity surpasses all of them. I know people can fuss over the scientific accuracy, but its utterly, mind-blowingly convincing realness in its luminous, looming hugeness in the darkness of a cinema is so epically engrossing, suspension of all disbelief is easily achieved.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should. Preferably without watching any of the trailers, like the one below.

So Awesome: “In a World” stars on Fresh Air

Listening to this Fresh Air interview with Lake Bell and Fred Melamed was just too much fun. As they discuss various facets of their film In a World and the topics voice and voiceovers it romps about, the unexpected humor and though-provoking opinions enthralled me. If this 47-minute chunk of radio show is too time-intensive for you, check out the All Things Considered interview with Lake Bell. I can’t wait to see her film.

BTW, hearing about Lake Bell’s film reminded me instantly of the trailer below for the film Comedian.