Sumo Orange = Tangerine + Navel Orange, 30 years in the making

When these oranges showed up at Whole Foods, they looked so interesting that I had to give them a shot, and wow, you can really experience the tangerine and navel orange pedigree when you eat them. The segments are large, juicy and tasty. Nice. The texture of the peel may look weird, but the bumpy feel works for me.

Finding out and trying out this new citrus fruit reminded me of the Fresh Air discussion of fruit breeding with Russ Parsons, but in the case of the Sumo, I really can’t tell what compromises have been made, if any.

Summer 2014 in Retrospect: figs

Almost every time I’d see them on sale, I’d buy figs. They’ve been such a delicious treat with cheese, ice cream, scones or mac & cheese.

Figs being washed

A couple months ago, I learned that what we think of as the fig fruit contains lots of little flowers (that stuff inside that has a sort of grainy texture)—weird to think that I’ve been eating a bunch of tiny flowers all summer long…

Then again, I also enjoy capers.