“…and suddenly she realized why the rising waters where the least of their concerns.”

rising waterWhile checking out the attractive ceramics and fun artwork at The Blue Gallery in Provincetown during a recent trip to Cape Cod, I found the work of Jessica C. White of Heroes and Criminal Press lurking on a case of paper-based goods by the cash register. I was especially delightfully enthralled by the beautiful and quirky letterpress prints of the Heavens to Betsy series which combine striking images with punchy captions (bears on beach balls who will presumably report back to a girl in a red dress? awesome!). The pieces are quite original and unique but evoke in my mind the works of Edward Gorey, Barry Yourgrau, Knock Knock (particularly the Slang Flashcards) and even in some tangential way Adrian Tomine. I wish I could have purchased a few of the letterpress prints, but they loomed beyond my financial grasp, and I went with the digital print of Rising Waters, shown above.