At Splash! 2012

I’m back at MIT to teach Splash! classes for the Educational Studies Program (ESP) this wondrous weekend when middle and high school students converge on the MIT campus to take classes from volunteer teachers on topics that interest them, ranging from origami to black holes to parasitic wasps to the science of cooking. The atmosphere in the student-and-parent-packed hallways of the Infinite Corridor is charged with enthusiasm, while the Splash HQ (where I just checked in) is partly frenetic and casually jovial with lots of underlying camaraderie.

I’ve been volunteer teaching for Splash!¬†and ESP on and off for over ten years now, and I keep coming back to do more. I’ve never seen or heard about anything like what ESP does, and it still amazes me that every year, the students who comprise ESP successfully organize this weekend-long celebration of sharing knowledge, passion and energy.

ESP officers, staff, etc. past and present, I love your dedication to connecting those who want to teach with those who want to learn. Thank you for making learning fun and accessible to so many!

Perhaps I’ll post thoughts on my classes here later.

Still love you, Tech: MIT Gangnam Style!

Wow, I am yet again¬†so impressed by the fine folks at my alma mater, always pushing the envelope! So much energy, creative enthusiasm and sheer zaniness on that campus, spilling out into other parts of Cambridge and more broadly the world. Although practically everyone has seen this k-pop parody, just wanted to add it into the collection of things that have enthralled me recently. Compels me to wear my brass rat more often, among other things…

Absolutely delighted to see Eric Lander and Noam Chomsky appear in this video!