“…too young to call it a day… too old to make any more mistakes”—Tim Be Told, honestly amazing

Wish I had found this song earlier, but then again, maybe I need it most now. I love how the sheer authenticity of “One Chance” cuts to the core of how compelling yet challenging the call of creativity is. I’ve been listening to this song since January, and it’s the first song on my current playlist.

Tim Be Told has been dazzling my auditory cortex since I saw them perform at ECAASU‘s 2010 conference. I lost track of them for a while as my musical tastes went through various phases, but it’s so great to know they’re still making amazing music, really embodying the ethos they layout in “One Chance”.

Music I (Still) Love

As a “snapshot” of what I’m currently listening to, this chart doesn’t show how much some of these songs have impacted me in past months and years. If there were a chart like this for songs I was listening to a year or two back, some of ones near the bottom of the chart shown here would be near or at the top that one. Tastes change over time, and what we compare our experiences to changes over time as well. But all of the songs here have at some point really brightened my days and often continue to do so.

My Millennial Anthem

Since getting this song during my weekend at the A Better World by Design conference, I can’t stop listening to “Shape the World” by Tim McMorris; it seems to recombine so many messages and feelings I’ve been encountering in recent years as my generation endeavors to find its place in humanity’s story.

Shazam, you’ve done it again, allowed me to take a snippet of song and add it to the soundtrack for private and social moments; thanks!

The Giddy, Awesome, Exquisite Dorkiness of Ménage à Twang

currently listening to

After listening to the Weekend Edition piece “Emily Moore On How She Became A Poet”, I was intrigued by Emily’s description of her band‘s music. Several iTunes samples and a couple purchases later, I was grinning and chuckling adolescently, like the whole of my adolescent heritage had been validated with tasteful humor.

My faves:

  • Graduate School
  • Secret Conservative Side
  • Listen Sister, Don’t Date a Hipster
  • I’ll Only Support Your Art for So Long
  • Ldr