“…but candy is the one that says, `hey, this is a treat’…

Candy, book cover… Candy never says, ‘it’s fiber, it’s vitamins, it’s all natural, it’s good for you. Candy is honest and says, `this is a treat, look at it as a treat, enjoy it as a treat.’ “

I just listened to a Weekend Edition interview with Samira Kawash, discussing what many of us have copiously purchased (or eagerly hope to obtain for free) for tomorrow evening. Some of the delightful and surprising comments mentioned are to me evocative of Steve Almond’s Candy Freak, which was a wondrous tour through (and ode to) part of the candy-making world.

The audio of the interview is fantastic; if you have a few minutes, hit the link above and give it a listen!

So Awesome: “In a World” stars on Fresh Air

Listening to this Fresh Air interview with Lake Bell and Fred Melamed was just too much fun. As they discuss various facets of their film In a World and the topics voice and voiceovers it romps about, the unexpected humor and though-provoking opinions enthralled me. If this 47-minute chunk of radio show is too time-intensive for you, check out the All Things Considered interview with Lake Bell. I can’t wait to see her film.

BTW, hearing about Lake Bell’s film reminded me instantly of the trailer below for the film Comedian.

The Giddy, Awesome, Exquisite Dorkiness of Ménage à Twang

currently listening to

After listening to the Weekend Edition piece “Emily Moore On How She Became A Poet”, I was intrigued by Emily’s description of her band‘s music. Several iTunes samples and a couple purchases later, I was grinning and chuckling adolescently, like the whole of my adolescent heritage had been validated with tasteful humor.

My faves:

  • Graduate School
  • Secret Conservative Side
  • Listen Sister, Don’t Date a Hipster
  • I’ll Only Support Your Art for So Long
  • Ldr