My Idea of a Corner Office

Cost effective but ergonomically taxing. 

Window-counter seating at Pachamama Coffee Cooperative.

Window-counter seating at Pachamama Coffee Cooperative.

For about $20 $10 more, I could hang out in the common areas of a coworking space, but I love the opportunities to people watch and overhear conversations here. And the cold brew coffee is fantastic.

Pachamama Coffee: a cozy cafe in Davis, CA

With warm, simple, snug atmosphere of window-facing wooden counters, friendly staff and delicious responsibly sourced coffee, Pachamama Coffee Cooperative Davis is a great place to relax with a mug of coffee.

Pachamama in the afternoon

If you like the offerings of Stumptown or Terroir, Pachamama‘s pour-over coffees are a real treat of fabulous flavors, with tasting notes nicely described for each of their menu items. And if you’d like to brew some at home, a bag of beans can be easily purchased. The only detractor I’ve found is that if you’re sitting at the counter facing First Street, it can be uncomfortably hot and bright in the afternoons when the sun is shining through the otherwise gorgeous, large front window.

If you’re in Davis, California and love freshly brewed coffee, I hope you get a chance to enjoy this cafe!