The Ease of Laundering Pocketable Technology, part 2

What the sliz? It still works!

laundered iPod nano still woks!

With the poor contrast in this image, it’s hard to tell, but as far as I can tell, but after two days of letting this laundered iPod nano sit unactivated, it’s totally functional: touchscreen responds normally, battery charges, sound output through headphones sounds fine… wow.

Is this device sealed up really good or was it because the iPod went through an efficiency washed with a full load (and therefore didn’t get totally soaked through)? Or both? Whatever the case, looks like I may still be able to recommerce this one!

( And in case you’re wondering what’s on the iPod screen, it’s one of the recent Story of Stuff podcasts. )

Game Changing: the latest from The Story of Stuff

The latest installment of The Story of Stuff, “The Story of Solutions,”┬áis an accessible, even empowering fresh framing of familiar environmental and social issues. Although we’ve bemoaned the shortcomings of GDP as a progress indicator for quite some time, Annie Leonard does an amazing job of explaining this and offering a path forward in just under 10 minutes!

While the analogy of the economy as a game used in “The Story of Solutions” is simple, it’s remarkably effective in its intuitiveness and provides insight for action. I also love that excellent examples of what is working (what Dan and Chip Heath call bright spots in Switch) are mentioned in this video to give us a sense of what we can do now. And speaking of Dan and Chip Heath, with this video The Story of Stuff Project, once again, nails nearly every dimension of stickiness in the Made to Stick SUCCES model. Awesome.