Revitalized by the Great Meadows, or I love MassDEP

This past weekend, I bicycled out to the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge for some ecosystem immersement. The experience did not disappointed in the slightest—once the din of small planes overhead subsided and if I disregard how sore my butt got after riding for a while down invigoratingly wooded trails. Refreshed by beautiful birds and vegetation all around, the craziness of my past week (packed with meetings galore and email frenzies) melted away, leaving only the wonder of nature.

At the trailhead leading into the wetlands, I noticed a MassDEP sign (shown above) and wondered what they were up to here. I wasn’t able to find any additional information, but I’m delighted and comforted to know that MassDEP is doing some work at the Great Meadows. Now that I at last know the incredible value of ecosystems services and concerning/pressing/devastating extent of water issues, I am so glad that there are agencies like MassDEP that monitor and protect resources like this which are so vital for the ecology of Massachusetts and the health of its residents.

2 thoughts on “Revitalized by the Great Meadows, or I love MassDEP

    • soramimi says:

      Thanks for the comment! While Vermont and New Hampshire get a lot of attention when it comes to autumn colors, Massachusetts has some splendid fall foliage too. Hope you have an opportunity to enjoy it in the future!

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