Splash! 2012 Classes—MIT Gangnam Style Strikes Again!

The magic of Splash! 2012 has come and gone with a little lingering on. The two classes I taught this year, An Introduction to Conceptual Metaphor Theory and An Introduction to Very Short Fiction, went well. The students were of high caliber: very engaged, astute, curious and respectful—impressive! Here’s a couple pieces I wrote during the writing exercises in  An Introduction to Very Short Fiction (btw, here are slides for that class):

  1. In between us there are mellifluous lies, bringing us together and pushing us apart, unsteadily surprising us as some explode in our faces when fragments of truth come along. You in your ruinous foggy sweater this wintry morning would have it no other way, for the bonds of fiction and fallacy offer so much possibility when it’s cold.
  2. He wallowed in Trisha’s couch, resolutely. Until she got home. Then they played chess for hours, to prepare for tomorrow.

Can’t wait until Spark! 2013.

Oh yes—I sat in on the Splash! Cognitive Neuroscience class, which opened with MIT Gangnam Style!

One thought on “Splash! 2012 Classes—MIT Gangnam Style Strikes Again!

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