Protracted Adolescence—Currently Watching: Liberal Arts

I’m about 20 minutes away from finishing what promises to be another emotionally satisfying film, Liberal Arts.

Liberal Arts: doing the math

Being a long-time academic, I find many facets of the film resonating strongly with my perspectives, and what I love about it so far is its take on the place college has in our lives, as students, faculty, alumni, etc. Whatever kind of place it might be to each of us. Also, as much as it’s a film about people in love with each other, it’s just as much about people being in love with ideas—great works of art, learning and exploration, the possibilities offered by college and the world…

The characters are endearing and intriguing, but I can’t help but find that this is to some degree another older-guy-younger-girl story. How different would it be with the ages swapped? How come there are so few films like that?

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