One Year Later: Still Loving FreshPaper

FreshPaper at WholeFoodsEver since finding out about Fenugreen’s FreshPaper from its inventor Kavita Shukla at the 2012 Harvard Social Enterprise Conference, I’ve been using FreshPaper in my refrigerator and on my kitchen counter because it works; veggies look great when I don’t have a chance to cook them as soon as I’d like, and fruits don’t get fuzzy as quickly as they did before. Even though I’ve always tried to keep my food waste due to spoilage as minimal as possible, I appreciate the help FreshPaper lends.

And what really makes this a fantastic product is that it can be useful for people almost anywhere, whether in developed or developing nations. For my friends and I, food spoilage often means disappointment, guilt and inconvenience, but of course, food spoilage means not being able to eat what could have been eaten, which can have terrible consequences.

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