Best fortune cookie message ever.

Well, okay, so far. Yes, I really got this in a fortune cookie.

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Having done work in the field of education and being generally interested in tacking problems with people, I’ve certainly found this to often be true.

2 thoughts on “Best fortune cookie message ever.

  1. Armed with Truth says:

    I collect fortune cookie slips – just the witty or interesting ones. I have a couple thousand slips I have saved in the last several years. I don’t believe they tell my fortune or anything like that, but I am often surprised by the words of wisdom they supply. My favorite was one a co-worker left on my desk a couple years back, when I was having a hard time. It said, “Fall down seven times, stand up eighth time.” It really encouraged me in my journey. :)

    • soramimi says:

      Thanks for sharing your favorite fortune cookie message! It’s great when you get a message that’s thought-provoking, heartening or fun. Maybe a more apt name might be “maxim cookies” or “message cookies” since these cookies aren’t really telling your fortune sometimes—more like offering advice or perspectives. But wow, that’s amazing that you have thousands of these! Do you organize the collection in any way? By theme or date? In a scrapbook or on sheet of poster/banner paper?

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