The Patterns Trilogy: David Lynch Meets Wes Anderson Meets J. Crew?

The recent Saturday Night Live parody trailer of a Moonlight Kindgom/Royal Tenenbaums-esque horror film (below) reminds me that Wes Anderson’s distinctive visual aesthetic and unique storytelling sensibility has become so renowned—and rightly so as this auteur’s films are marvelously artistic and charmingly delightful.

It also reminds me of Jamie Travis’ The Patterns Trilogy which has its own striking and engrossing stylistic idiosyncrasies that are reminiscent of the works of Wes Anderson, David Lynch and Edward Gorey, yet create for me a novel, visually and narratively enthralling, genre-defying cinematic experience. With each installment, The Patterns Trilogy is gradually ever more perplexing and unnervingly humorous, while tinged with odd disquietude and subtly sinisterness. I still love it even two years after first coming across it.

The Patterns Trilogy trailers themselves are mini-masterpieces.

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