Intricate Landscapes and More: Hokusai at the MFA

MFA entrance with Hokusai bannersThe Hokusai exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts is stunning in scope, both in terms of the sheer number of works on display and the evident artistry that went into each one. Some of the scenes rendered in the woodcut prints are like microcosms you easily get drawn right into. Also impressive is the variety of media Hokusai worked in and the diversity of subject matters his pieces focus on.

This is a fabulously immersive and engrossing tribute to a remarkable, seminal master.

in the first few rooms…

…you’ve just barely scratched the surface; prolific only begins to describe the breadth of work here.

Amazing how much detail is in each of these prints.

Amazing how much detail is in each of these prints.

As if the fabled creature were caged in glass, tamed even.

the piece de resistance!

the piece de resistance!

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