Things to do while waiting in line for Cheese Board pizza

    • look at the fruits in the windows of the Produce Center (if the line is that long, which it very well could be)
    • eavesdrop on the conversations of modern hipsters 
    • if they are in view, wonder if the numbers of the “1504” denoting the street address of The Cheese Board are actually made out of bread 
    • catch up on email 
    • contemplate the tasty items you could be already eating in the Epicurious Garden across the street 
    • wonder what the pizza toppings of the day will be and wether they will be worth the wait and $2.50 per slice (but then remember that they always are)
    • check what the pizza toppings of the day are

On this segment of Shattuch Ave., we are all waiting for just one thing: piping-hot, delicious pizza

  • enjoy the jazz music permeating this part of Shattuck Ave.
  • people watch those who already have their pizza in the parklet
  • be annoyed by the astronomically high real estate prices in Berkeley
  • be unnerved by the odd morphology of the Monkey Puzzle tree by Chez Penise
  • admire the pre-sunset sky (evening only)
  • be dismayed by the shortcomings of our consumer society, then
  • consider how overdue a green economy is 
  • remember that humanity was shaped by evolution to be extremely altruistic and competitive 
  • hope that social enterprise and conscious capitalism can fulfill the forsaken promises of capitalism

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