Info Mantra—Infomagical day 5

56b3d54a60c1c8686798625aAfter being tasked to come up with a personal information consumption rule by the final Note to Self mini-episode in the Infomagical project, I’m basing my guideline off of the “Best Friend Question” in Dan and Chip Heath’s amazing book Decisive. The BFQ is basically a decision-making strategy that pushes you to gain some distance from your dilemma by asking the question

What would I tell my best friend to do in this situation?

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No News—unless it pertains to a goal; Infomagical day 3

Creative_smallWell, looks like I won’t be reading The Verge today.

Infomagical challenge 3 is all about intentional information consumption; time to whole-hog preempt the temptation to mindlessly click from tidbit to tidbit of news. In addition to pushing me to further restrict my information diettoday’s mini-episode of Note To Self offers a fascinating glimpse at 13th-century strategies for coping with information overload. Nice to find out that some of our information wrangling methods are tried-and-truer than I had thought.

Here’s a bit of news that I will be checking out as these items do pertain to my goal of being focused on creativity: