Eagerly Awaiting: Bored and Brilliant’s finale is tomorrow

16216863478_bf12a7db47_mIt’s been a fun week of Bored and Brilliant challenges from WNYC’s New Tech City. I’m psyched to see how this all wraps up with the final challenge tomorrow.

Here’s a rundown of how the week has gone for me…

  1. In Your Pocket: the challenge of keeping my phone in my pocket/bag while in transit was made way easy by being snowed in; I don’t use my phone as much when I’m at home, opting for a computer as my portal for all things Internet (66 minutes on my iPhone; about half of that was streaming video in the evening).
  2. Photo Free Day: I didn’t take any photos… but I did record some video; the snowy woods were just too scenic during my late afternoon walk. (77 minutes)
  3. Delete That App: Tasked to delete my most time-sinking app, I was stumped; I’d like to think I’ve gotten a good handle on my app habits (I used to be really into Two Dots, the game Manoush was playing obsessively, but the the spell wore off around level 116—I can’t believe she’s past level 160!), so there isn’t any one app that really pulls me in like crazy any more, but I finally settled on jettisoning the Canopy.co app; I’m a sucker for online shopping, and Canopy makes it too easy to scroll and scroll through Amazon product after Amazon product. (25 minutes)
  4. Take a Fauxcation: I gladly took up the fake vacation challenge, set aside my email and walked to the library and looked at some good, old-fashioned books. (34 minutes)
  5. Small Observation: Nothing particularly unusual caught my eyes today, except the spiny blossoms of ice crystals on window panes and icicles hanging off the rear bumper of a Toyota Prius on my walk to work. (17 minutes so far)

Have you been trying the Bored and Brilliant challenges this week? If not, give them a whirl later—nice way to re-think some Internet/smartphone habits and build new awareness/engagement.

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