Eagerly Awaiting: Bored and Brilliant’s finale is tomorrow

16216863478_bf12a7db47_mIt’s been a fun week of Bored and Brilliant challenges from WNYC’s New Tech City. I’m psyched to see how this all wraps up with the final challenge tomorrow.

Here’s a rundown of how the week has gone for me…

  1. In Your Pocket: the challenge of keeping my phone in my pocket/bag while in transit was made way easy by being snowed in; I don’t use my phone as much when I’m at home, opting for a computer as my portal for all things Internet (66 minutes on my iPhone; about half of that was streaming video in the evening).
  2. Photo Free Day: I didn’t take any photos… but I did record some video; the snowy woods were just too scenic during my late afternoon walk. (77 minutes)
  3. Delete That App: Tasked to delete my most time-sinking app, I was stumped;  Continue reading