Catbug at Clover KND

Ah, another intersection of Internet culture and everyday life. It was delightful to see this drawing at Clover KND, which has become one of my favorite Kendall Square hangout spots since it opened in recent months—hip minimalist atmosphere with satisfying food, great coffee and delicious sodas.

Catbug drawing at Clover KND

Clover KND

Love you, Clover: The Enzo is Back!

The Enzo Returns


As someone who likes to eat fries with and in sandwiches, I was ecstatic when I found out a couple weeks ago that Clover would be doing another run of their Enzo sandwich. The photograph above just cannot capture even a sliver of the Enzo experience; it is a sheer delight to chew and savor if you like the ingredients (listed below) that go into this uniquely delectable vegetarian meal/snack.

enzo ingredients

Whoopie Pie Fridays at Clover

Clover whoopie pieClover still has the best whoopie pies I’ve ever eaten. The cookie part is soft, sweet and chewy while the filling isn’t too thick or two saccharine—it’s just slightly sugary with a creamy texture.

The folks at Clover only make these on Friday evenings, so you can’t just bag one whenever. But for me, it’s worth the wait and anticipation. A nice treat for the end of a long week.

Currently Eating: The Enzo by Clover

The Enzo, a sandwich by CloverThe moment I chewed on my first mouthful of the Enzo sandwich by Clover, my palate was exhilarated. An unexpected shot of gustatory joy on a very cold evening. The unlikely amalgamation of fried eggplant, cheese, pepper relish? and fries (yes, fries in the sandwich) was for me a real winner. And the next day, I was back for more. With the Enzo, I don’t miss their last awesome sandwich, the cauliflower, at all—well, maybe just a little if I really think about how fantastic that one was with the Sriracha sauce.

I love how Clover continues to delightfully surprise me with their new culinary creations combining fresh, nutritious ingredients. I’ve been eating at Clover locations for several years now and look forward to continuing to do so.

Their whoopie pies, by the way: amazing.