Faves from the British Arrows: advertising excellence

Whenever I can catch a screening of the British Arrows, it’s always a real treat, reminding me that the medium of the TV commercial, at its best, can be astoundingly effective at capturing or at least touching on fundamental facets of humanity.

Below are some of my favorites. You can still catch the full collection of award-winning UK television ads on the big screen at ICA Boston.

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Currently Jogging With: Race You by Elizabeth and the Catapult

After hearing it in the Google ad Healthy Habits (video below), I can’t stop listening to and jogging with Race You by Elizabeth and the Catapult (admittedly, I ran the Shazam app on the ad to find out what that perky BGM was). Love the energy of this song and the nostalgia for childhood it evokes.

I’ve racked up a play count of over 90 in the two weeks since I bought song.

Love, with a little help from Google

It’s been a while since I saw this TV ad in a showcase of award-winning commercials, but I still find it amazing how it tells a story with just Google searches, music and background sounds in under a minute. An interesting take on how our relationship with technology can be (and often is) interwoven with our relationships with each other. Starting the commercial with a blank search bar reminds me of just how much information and how many possibilities we can now come into contact with.

Other stories in this SearchStories channel are quite good too. “Graduation” is nicely done.