Just Watched: Men, Women and Children

When I ran across this clip from the latest Jason Reitman film, I knew I had to see Men, Women and Children. In just under a minute, this bit of dialogue nicely alludes to cultural shifts related to the roles of Internet technologies in our lives, while also capturing a sense of that uniquely adolescent mixture of genuineness, irritation and sarcasm. After seeing Men, Women and Children, I now find this clip to be a deft microcosm of the film’s themes and approach to them, so much so that the full scene could have been a satisfying short film.

At times, Men, Women and Children can feel like a sprawling collage of characters and Internet-mediated interactions, but ultimately plotlines and motifs shape up to convey a compelling (though not necessarily coherent) picture of our relationships with each other and with information technology. The Verge summed it up nicely in the subtitle of their review:

a movie that gets the internet right

Though excellent as a film with relatable characters who reveal the facets of human nature that social media and the web can engender, facilitate, problematize, Continue reading

Love, with a little help from Google

It’s been a while since I saw this TV ad in a showcase of award-winning commercials, but I still find it amazing how it tells a story with just Google searches, music and background sounds in under a minute. An interesting take on how our relationship with technology can be (and often is) interwoven with our relationships with each other. Starting the commercial with a blank search bar reminds me of just how much information and how many possibilities we can now come into contact with.

Other stories in this SearchStories channel are quite good too. “Graduation” is nicely done.