If you’re in Okayama City…

inside Korakuen

Drop by Cifa Cafe. This cafe + art gallery + design studio has delicious snacks, interesting artwork and friendly staff. Located close to the Okayama Prefectural Art Museum and just a short walk from the splendid Koraku-en garden (where the picture above was taken) and Okayama Castle, this cafe is a great place to hang out after checking out art exhibitions or strolling through a landscape of meticulously practiced Japanese horticulture.  In its cozy upstairs space, Cifa Cafe has several small tables with work by artists displayed on the walls which changes about every month or so. While hanging out there once, I happened to meet the artist whose work was being featured, Tsun, and had a conversation with her. From the cafe, you can also catch a glimpse of the adjoining design studio.

I love the scones at Cifa which are warm, moist and just a little chewy.

(Below, views of and from Okayama Castle, respectively.)

Okayama Castle Okayama City as seen from Okayama Castle

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