Early Adopter Chronicles: Sense by Hello

2015-05-10-12-13 After a couple weeks with my Sense, I’m pretty impressed. With sensors in the glowing orb that track the conditions in my bedroom and a sensor in my pillowcase tracking my movement during the night, Sense consolidates information to provide insight on the quality of my sleep via the companion iPhone app.
IMG_5532 Collecting and reading the data have gone smoothly, and whether I wake up feeling refreshed or groggy, I’m curious to see what details Sense can provide. I’ve yet to put the alarm feature into action; the Philips Wake-up Light I’ve been using for a couple years generally works like a charm when it comes to getting up early.

I haven’t tried any other sleep tracking technologies, aside from the 1st-generation Fitbit, so I don’t know how this stacks up with other gadgets. But the ease of setup and use of Sense with its companion app has made this sleep tracking experience enjoyable. It’s still fun waving my hand over the Sense to check the sleep-friendliness of bedroom conditions.

My only hangup is that Sense requires a wifi connection to work, which is totally reasonable, but this becomes an issue when I’m traveling; Sense wasn’t able to figure out the wifi networks at the hotels I’ve stayed at recently, and I had to suspend my sleep tracking for a while.

2 thoughts on “Early Adopter Chronicles: Sense by Hello

  1. Charles S says:

    Did you ever figure out what to do in the hotels? Im in this situation right now and it doesn’t seem to work for me here either

    • soramimi says:

      No, unfortunately, I was not able to get my Sense unit to work at hotels I stayed at, and when staying over with friends, I couldn’t connect it to their wifi networks requiring login credentials through a popup window.

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